There’s one thing we know for sure about Super Bowl LVI. It’s going to be a Flamin’ Hot Super Bowl.

Exhibit A: Cheetos and Charlie Puth

A new teaser spot from Frito-Lay features musician Charlie Puth heading back to his trailer. The trailer door is open and there are visible orange paw prints all over the couch, pillows, and tables.

Chester, is that you?

But that’s not the only wildlife spotted in this trailer. The walls of Puth’s trailer are covered in orange talon footprints. Puth finds a single reddish orange feather on the ground.

“What the…” he mumbles to himself out of confusion.

Exhibit B: Doritos and Megan Thee Stallion

Unusual animal activity is also occurring a few trailers away with Megan Thee Stallion. The rapper is heading back to her trailer and snacking on Doritos. (Doritos will be part of the joint Cheetos-Doritos Super Bowl commercial.)

The trailer door, however, is locked. Megan tries to open the trailer door a few times, but it remains locked. Slowly, the door opens. A sloth’s arm sneaks out just long enough to remove her name from the trailer and then lock the door back up again.

“Excuse me?!” Megan is shocked by what is happening.

What we know, whether Chester Cheetah returns or not, is that the animal kingdom appears to be descending upon the Super Bowl. Fingers crossed for a brand mascot appearance though!

Things are gonna get wild on 2.13.22. Stay tuned!



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