Choc, Frank, Boo, Frute, Mummy.

They were the world’s most popular monster supergroup, until the pressures of the cereal lifestyle tore it down.

Now after decades apart, the Monsters have reunited.

The only question is… why?

After decades apart, the original five members of the General Mills’ Monster Cereals crew, including Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Boo Berry, Frute Brute, and Yummy Mummy, are reuniting together. Their mockumentary “The Remaking of The Mash: A Monster Miracle” is a tell-all about the monster supergroup as they remake their musical hit “The Monster Mash.”

“The Remaking of The Mash: A Monster Miracle”

The new video slyly nods to classic VH1 style “Behind the Music” specials about iconic bands that break up or fall apart due to creative differences. Early on, electric guitarist Boo Berry eagerly explains that the reason why the band is back together is simple. It’s the Monster Mash!

“The Monster Mash… that’s Monster culture,” says bassist Franken Berry.

“Look at it this way. Santa Claus, that guy has like what 80 songs?” Count Chocula, lead singer and keyboardist, points out. “Meanwhile, us Monsters get one. It’s not fair.”

Drummer Frute Brute, rarely seen on camera, agrees with the fellow Monsters, “The Monster Mash didn’t just capture the Monster zeitgeist. It became the song of a generation!”

Other fans of the song are interviewed throughout the mockumentary to share their take on “The Monster Mash.” Some include musician Travis Barker, longtime Monsters assistant Melissa Wood, and the Trix Rabbit, all of whom agree that the jam is a universal hit with everyone.

Reuniting with Yummy Mummy

One of the hardest parts of getting the band back together? Finding Yummy Mummy to get on the tambourine.

“We made a few calls, shook a few sarcophagus…” Boo Berry says.

Eventually, the spooktacular icons found their final Monster band member vacationing in Cabo San Lucas.

“It reminds me of home. Which is Malibu. It’s a nice place.” Yummy Mummy explains, making a relaxed if seldom seen appearance on screen.

Recording “The Monster Mash”

While the Monsters had seen each other here and there over the years, it had been decades since they were all in one room together.

Producer Joe P., AKA “The Monster Whisperer,” says that while the band will never admit it, they were nervous about making the record.

What if the record flopped? Half the band is immortal. They would never live it down!

But it was nothing but gourd times once the band found their rhythm and started playing together.

“I was trying to record my podcast next door and I just kept thinking to myself ‘they’ll have to be done soon.’” Lucky the Leprechaun, friend to the Monsters said. “But they just kept rocking!”

Franken Berry wraps up the vid with a hopeful message for viewers.

“If this crew… a vampire, Frankenstein, a ghoul, a mummy, and a wolf that weres can mash together… then maybe there’s hope for us all!”

Don’t forget to visit! Watch the video, listen to the song, and grab a box of Monster Mash Cereal once it hits grocery shelves for a limited-time only.



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