As the esteemed PopIcon editor, I like to keep up with brand mascots and how they spend their summer vacations. Brand mascots are some of advertising’s hardest working employees, after all, and they deserve a little break. Let’s see what they’re up to in during summer 2022 as observed through their tweets on Twitter.

Mr. Peanut: Spending the Summer Snacking

This summer, Mr. Peanut has nothing but peanuts on his mind. The iconic legume is tweeting near-daily about his snack plans and the various best peanut pairings including as a single snack bowl, a charcuterie/peanuterie board, and beer and nuts.

What sets Mr. Peanut’s foodie tweets apart are the characters chiming in the conversation. Bush’s Baked Beans — and presumably their mascot, Duke — knows their beans aren’t necessarily peanuts, but they like the idea of the charcuterie board remix nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Mr. Monopoly wants Mr. Peanut to know the snack bowl isn’t complete unless you’ve got a board game. (To which a stunned Mr. Peanut tweets “wait… you don’t have a monocle?! My whole 106 years of life have been a lie…)

Charlie the Tuna: Rest and Relaxation

Nothing “sorry Charlie” about this tweet. StarKist’s Charlie the Tuna is OOO and on a vacation complete with surf, sun, and sand (volleyball). Can we join you next year, Charlie?

Cap’n Crunch: Dragging Jean LaFoote

Some summer vacations are best spent in the sun, others thrive on throwing shade. Cap’n Crunch’s salty tweet reminds all the other brand mascots that his nemesis Jean LaFoote can never be a real Cap’n. Jean can’t be besties with Sea Dog!

Chester Cheetah: Hot Cheetos Summer

The Cheetos brand mascot is dialing up the heat with tweets snacks you need on road trips and a wildly popular tweet about discontinued Cheetos that should be brought back along with flavors of Cheetos that don’t exist but should.

All the tweets requesting Pizza Cheetos might be onto something. Chester might wind up spending the rest of his summer whipping up new flavors!

Murph: Tweet Tweet

Nerf’s new mascot Murph is officially on Twitter and finding their footing at @MurphFromNerf. (It’s kind of the perfect handle.)

Mr. Monopoly welcomes Murph to Twitter and asks a bold question: “Ever think about adding a top hat to your look?” Where’s Mr. Peanut to second this vote of confidence?

Mr. Owl: Summer Punnin’

The one and only Tootsie Pop mascot has been spending the summer cracking wise, but in a wholesome kind of way. The joke about books owls like to read was an immediate hit with State Farm who proclaimed Mr. Owl is a hoot.

My fingers are crossed that Jake from State Farm wrote back to Mr. Owl! I like the idea of a brand mascot and a spokesperson crossover.

Sour Patch Kids: VIBES

Perhaps nobody else is tweeting up a storm, or being unapologetically themselves, this summer than the colony of Sour Patch Kids.

A quick scroll through their handle reveals tweets about how they don’t talk about life before the blue Sour Patch Kid entered the picture, encourage fans to throw their Sour Patch Kids bags into the freezer for a sour and cool treat, and a tweet submitted straight to the Twitter bird itself where they refuse to apologize for stealing tweets.

I am also ready to watch the version of “Hot Ones” featuring sour candies. “Sour Ones?” Make it happen.


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